sayTrust Access
sayTrust AccessFor simple and secure
remote access to the network.
sayFuse Backup
sayFuse BackupThe smart, high-performance
backup solution for SMEs.
sayFuse Smart Server
sayFuse Smart ServerBackup and server in one solution -
particularly smart for smaller companies.
sayFuse VM Server
sayFuse VM ServerCost-effective, environmentally friendly
and space-saving - simply smart.
Complete Solution for High-Speed Backup, Recovery and Archiving

Hard disk-based backup solutions are considered to be faster, more cost-effective, more reliable and technologically more sustainable than tape systems. That being said, many companies still back up their data in small and medium-sized environments using tapes or use tapes for relocation and archiving of their critical company data. sayFUSE Backup combines the media handling advantages of tape library systems with those of hard disk-based backup solutions. Backup and restore are significantly faster than with tape backup solutions, so that companies can back up more data within the available backup window and can work productively again more quickly after a data loss.

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More functions
sayFUSE is ideal for companies with low spatial and human resources for IT, but which place great value on fast and reliable data backup and the security of company data. The complete solution for data backup, restoration and archiving combines the backup hardware, backup server and backup and media management software in one system. The system, which measures just 180 x 425 x 675, includes 12 SATA/SAS hard disks with 4 Terabytes of memory capacity each (for SATA) (native/compressed) and can be extended to 24 slots by the addition of an extra module. Mixed operation with different disk capacities is also possible.

More security
You can remove the backup media and store it securely for audits, in a bank safe for example. In addition, sayFUSE Backup can be supplemented with the innovative and patented sayFUSE FIREsafe: It mirrors the data by RAID 1 to a second set of hard disks which are located in a resistant, fire and water-proof housing.

More reliability
The delays that are typical for tapes due to rewinding, starting and stopping and the mechanical wear of the write/read heads are not an issue with hard disks. This reduces the maintenance costs for the backup solution in the long term and ensures improved performance and greater reliability.

Less energy
sayFUSE Backup can run up to 12 backups at the same time. As the hard disks are automatically shut down once backup has been completed, the energy consumption remains low.

More flexibility
sayFUSE Backup can be combined with other solutions from the sayFUSE product range. This includes the extension unit sayFUSE CEM capacity extensions (Capacity Extension Module) with 48 Terabytes of memory capacity, the all-in-one solution sayFUSE Smart Server, which offers a complete backup system and application server in one solution, as well as the combined backup and server virtualisation solution sayFUSE VM Server.

sayFUSE Backup can be used with almost any backup software solution currently available on the market. We recommend SEP sesam, available in OEM bundles with extended functionality.