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The sayTRUST VPSC solution for machines and systems offers system operators highly secure access to sensors and control units. It can transport data in a highly secure manner. During communication with the network, the connection is isolated and protected against unauthorized access from outside and inside

Remote maintenance and monitoring are essential in industry. But access via insecure networks is not up to date? There is an urgent need for action in communication with production facilities. 


Many production systems are currently used in stand-alone operation. Of course, control units are connected to the company network to transmit data. But only if this is essential. Plants and machines are connected to the company's internal network with great effort. Intelligent sensors for smart maintenance or smart production require interaction to optimize production or exchange information in order to take preventive measures. This is often not possible today. Damage can often only be detected due to a total failure when the system is at a standstill or employees are physically present. This is too late because business interruptions are expensive and risky. Cost- and time-effective remote maintenance is often not possible for security reasons. The sayTRUST VPSC Appliance for production facilities offers an effective solution.

Cost- and time-effective remote monitoring or maintenance is often not possible for security reasons. ThesayTRUST VPSC Appliance for production facilities offers an effective solution.

Disadvantages that need to be eliminated:

  • No secure communication line for support and remote maintenance. 

  • No possibility to analyze data for preventative measures.

  • No exchange of information about the status of the system performance to optimize production.

  • No opportunity to increase value creation.

  • High costs for failure and on-site support.

sayTRUST Access VPSC for production facilities


The sayTRUST VPSC Zero Trust Access technology offers unique security for both internal communication and remote maintenance by the manufacturer or support service provider. It reduces the risk of failure, costs and leads to an increase in efficiency. 


The sayTRUST VPSC solution for machines and systems offers system operators highly secure access to sensors and control units. It can isolate sensors or control units during communication with the network and protect them against unauthorized access from outside and inside.

Opportunities that are being developed:

  • Secure access to machines and systems. Isolation of the communication line also from the internal network

  • Personalized zero trust access for authorized persons or machines after identity verification according to the granted permissions

  • Exchange of information with the production facilities for optimization

  • Shielded monitoring for preventive measures

  • Access for the manufacturer and third-party service providers or support employees is isolated from the Internet and the internal network


For reducing operational downtime, wear and tear, reducing energy and operating costs and security vulnerabilities; Increased efficiency, production optimization, protection of machines and production systems and highly secure remote maintenance for manufacturers and service providers.Zero-trust remote maintenance for assets with identity verification

Task and frequently asked questions:

The production facilities are often integrated into the comprehensive company network. This creates more work for the IT department. Securing the systems becomes very complex and time-consuming or the production systems are operated in stand-alone mode.

The sayTRUST VPSC isolates the production system from the internal network. Only allows authorized persons to access the relevant facility after their identity has been verified.

The manufacturers and operators of machines or systems are generally not IT security experts.


The sayTRUST VPSC is a “plug and play” solution and massively reduces complexity and administration effort.

For system operators and manufacturers, the requirements for data exchange and access to the system control unit for maintenance and diagnostic purposes are increasing.

The sayTRUST VPSC isolates the manufacturer's remote access as well as the connection route and encapsulates the communication. During the connection, the user only sees the system that he is allowed to access. During and after communication, no traces or data remains on the device or on the communication route.

When accessing the systems remotely, it must be ensured that the support or maintenance employee does not have access to the internal network and thus to the internal infrastructure.

During sayTRUST VPSC communication, both the internal network and other systems from other manufacturers remain invisible. The isolation of the machine from the company network ensures that the support employees of a manufacturer or an external service provider cannot access the company network. Authorized people can only see the machines or services for which they have received authorization. The communication is logged. Unauthorized access is not possible.

Only authorized employees are allowed to access systems from the internal network within the scope of their authorization.

Access occurs after identity verification and verification of the employee's personal certificate. Access is only granted directly to the applications and systems for which authorization has been granted.

We can provide you with further options and information in a personal conversation.We are looking forward to your contact.

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