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IT security and company-owned cloud solutions made in Germany

We are an IT security company and develop technologies for highly secure network access (home office and client access solutions), tailor-made cloud solutions, high-speed backup with up to 12 TB/hour and holistic IT network infrastructures such as hyperconverged infrastructure.


The focus is always on a secure and economically viable IT infrastructure combined with almost 100 percent reliability. Each product leads to a significant reduction in IT complexity, administration effort and thus also operating and personnel costs.


We offer our customers secure IT network infrastructure solutions that are holistically designed. It all starts with external and internal network security. This ensures secure access to company data and applications from anywhere.We offer companies, authorities and foundations highly secure working environments, a reliable data backup concept and almost 100 percent operational capability.


Our products meet the highest safety requirements and are developed and produced in Germany. Numerous companies, public administrations and authorities trust our solutions.

Our history

sayTEC AG, based in Munich, was founded in 2015 by qualified physicist Yakup Saygin, today's CTO and board member. Two years later, an internationally experienced entrepreneur took a stake in the company to further advance developments. In 2019, Selim Kuzu was recruited as CEO, who has received several awards for his achievements in the area of corporate development.


The idea of developing new technologies came about in mid-2007 during research work with universities. The realization of security gaps in data transfer, weak points in data security and increasing complexity made it clear back then that conventional solutions could no longer meet the requirements of today and tomorrow.


After further market analyzes and discussions with companies, authorities and IT managers, we were able to summarize the initial current and future requirements of different organizations and users and derive three topic areas from their needs.  


  1. Work with high security everywhere and protect yourself from espionage attacks

  2. Reliably secure and protect company data and thus the values of a company

  3. A scalable, controllable infrastructure solution with almost 100% reliability


In this context, we have of course repeatedly held discussions with IT experts, entrepreneurs and various user groups and used them to create a needs catalog. These surveys form the basis of our current technologies and concepts, which we of course continue to develop.


More and more digital interaction, tripling amounts of data, people working mobile, at home or in the office and a constantly and rapidly changing IT world form the basis of our concepts. The increasing digitalization in all possible areas of life, sensor technology, AI, BIG DATA, mobility, is causing boundaries to disappear. Networks melting into one another have forced us to think in new ways. 


The result is two groundbreaking plug & play technologies that complement each other and enable highly secure work “from anywhere and with any PC”. They can also be used independently. Our sayFUSE product range offers you the ability to back up data at a previously unknown speed and work on a modern, scalable and fail-safe infrastructure that meets all the requirements of a future-proof and sustainable IT infrastructure. Reducing IT complexity and making it easy to use are always a must.


Our customers include small to large companies, municipalities, intelligence services, municipal utilities, foundations and research institutions.

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