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Business continuity no matter what happens!
The holistically designed, symmetrical one

hyperconverged infrastructure

The sayFUSE hyperconverged infrastructure (sayFUSE HCI) consists of at least three sayFUSE All-in-One Nodes, which provide the entire server, storage, network infrastructure and a sayFUSE Backup Appliance, which acts as a backup-restore platform for archiving, data backup and outsourcing provides, includes. The integrated sayTRUST VPSC - Zero Trusttechnology enables highly secureend to end communication between the client and the infrastructure.


The sayFUSE HCI hyperconverged infrastructure combines CPU, RAM, storage and network resources into a single software-defined system and can be managed and controlled across nodes. It is fault-tolerant to complete failures of one or more nodes and enables uninterrupted operation. Future expansions can be carried out easily and without migration effort by adding additional nodes.


The individual sayFUSE HCI nodes are identical in terms of hardware and software.Each sayFUSE HCI node contains all the necessary hardware and software components, so that no additional licenses for clustering, computing, storage, Kubernetes, monitoring, zero trust, personal key identification, single sign-on, billing and multi-tendancy, ... will be required in the future are. If one of the nodes fails, all computing, storage and networking tasks of the failed node are taken over by the other nodes and trouble-free business continuity is guaranteed.  


The products sayFUSE HCI (all-in-one node for hyperconverged infrastructure), sayFUSE Backup (all-in-on appliance for backup, restore and outsourcing) and sayTRUST VPSC (all-in-on client access solution for zero trust, SSO, PKI, ...)  can also be used independently of one another and represent a high-quality and secure solution in their respective areas of application. 

The sayFUSE HCI platform forms the basis for true business continuity that can be scaled as required. It reduces the complexity of the entire IT infrastructure and minimizes the hardware and software requirements. The installation, migration and operational effort are greatly reduced.

Hardware replacement cycles are significantly extended and electricity costs and CO2 emissions are significantly reduced.


The integrated hypervisor ensures the establishment of coherent storage, computing and networking across the individual nodes and provides all infrastructure components as a multi-tenant service. 


For example, it can provide other locations or clients with complete network infrastructures as a service, so that in the future no additional investment will be required on site for e.g. servers, storage, load balancers, etc. 


For example, a location or tenant receives an isolated infrastructure as a service that is provided by the main administration and can be managed by the respective location or tenant. It can contain the following infrastructure components as a service:


  • routers, 

  • load balancer,

  • firewall,

  • Single sign on,

  • Personal key identification,

  • Zero trust access,

  • VPN, 

  • NFS, iSCSI, S3 storage,

  • Server,

  • Virtual client PC,

  • Backup (multi-stage with migration, media break and outsourcing) 


The individual IaaS are isolated from each other and from the insecure Internet as well as from the in-house network and are not visible. Users can access the individual applications, services, networks or their own virtual PC via the sayTRUST VPSC Zero Trust technology, after checking the identity “Personal Key Identification (PKI)” via a multi-stage Defense in Depth security process. 


The flexibility of the HCI platform offers the benefits of software-defined storage and allows performance and capacity to be scaled according to demand and requirements. It can be modular and expanded as desired using the modular principle.

VPSC (Virtual Private Secure Communication)

Security at the origin of events


The sayTRUST VPSC as a Zero Trust Client Access solution enables secure communication independent of location, device and topology and ensures a highly secure working environment. sayTRUST VPSC offers the highest level of communications security by identifying and eliminating vulnerabilities between the user and the network to be protected. Users can work securely within their own network as well as at external locations, home offices or mobile hotspots using the 8-stage “Defence in Depth” Zero Trust technology.


sayTRUST VPSC enables tunneled communication for local, remote and mobile applications. Server-side generated user certificates via your own“Certificate Authority” control allowing, blocking and isolating applications and resources.


The encrypted communication begins after the user's identity has been verified and takes place at the application level, from the encrypted main memory (RAM) of the client PCs, instead of via network-network coupling.

Hyperconverged infrastructure with VPSC

Deploying isolated networks at headquarters & locations

Customer and cloud services that are separated from the insecure Internet

encapsulated sayFUSE HCI infrastructure

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