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The company's own cloud

“The cloud” has become a popular buzzword in recent years, even if many users don't know exactly what it is. Cloud computing refers to any type of hosted service delivered over the Internet. These services often include servers, storage, databases, software, analytics, and other IT resources that can operate through the cloud. Few can provide secure networks or entire infrastructures. With sayTEC's cloud computing, all data is provided by us sayFuse Cloud Infrastructure retrieved and saved. The physical sayFUSE HCI infrastructure be set up at any secure location. e.g. in a data center or in the data room of your company. However, the Internet bandwidth or speed must be appropriate. Data communication takes place via the public network (Internet), but is protected and highly secure via our sayTRUST VPSC technology. The organizations that manage and control this type of infrastructure are called Managed Service Providers (MSP) and Cloud Service Providers (CSP).

Benefits and Services
our cloud solution

Users have highly secure access to IT infrastructure and all the services and applications they want, without being dependent on hardware or IT staff. This also means that the user does not have to be in a specific location or worry about its expensive infrastructure. Cloud services are now used by everyone who browses the Internet, even if they don't realize howListening to music, live streaming, saving and editing documents and files, sending emails, etc. The difference to conventional cloud solutions is that with our solution you not only work in a highly secure manner from anywhere, but you also know exactly where the infrastructure is located their data is retained and who has access to their infrastructure.

The physical sayFUSE Cloud infrastructure consists of at least three sayFUSE All-in-One Infrastructure Nodes, which provide the entire server storage network infrastructure and include a sayFUSE Backup Appliance, which acts as a backup-restore platform for archiving, data backup and outsourcing . The integrated sayTRUST VPSC - Zero Trust technology enables highly secure communication between the client and the cloud. 


The sayFUSE Cloud infrastructure combines CPU, RAM, storage and network resources into a single software-defined system and is fault-tolerant to complete failures of one or more nodes. From now on you can work without interruption. Future expansions, performance increases or the setup of a complete IT infrastructure with all components for a new branch can be set up in just a few minutes.


The cloud infrastructure contains all the necessary hardware and software components, so that no additional licenses for clustering, computing, storage, Kubernetes, monitoring, zero trust, personal key identification, single sign-on, billing and multi-tendancy, etc. will be required in the future.  


 The infrastructure built in this way forms a coherent storage platform, computing and networking that is used as a service and offers the possibility of providing completely isolated infrastructures as a service (IaaS) for multiple locations or tenants.


sayFUSE Backup provides high-speed backup with up to 12 TB/hour of live backup. Within the backup appliance, your data can be migrated from the backup storage into the integrated backup library system and physically relocated. Each appliance contains six backup drives, each with 24 TB capacity.


The sayTRUST VPSC Zero Trust Client Access enables secure communication independent of location and device and a highly secure working environment.



Your company's own cloud forms the basis for true business continuity, which can be scaled as required. It reduces the complexity of the entire IT infrastructure and minimizes administration effort.  The integrated hypervisor ensures the establishment of a coherent storage, computing and networking across the individual nodes and provides all infrastructure components as a multi-tenant service. 


For example, it can provide other locations or clients with complete network infrastructures, so that in the future no additional investment will be required on site for e.g. servers, storage, load balancers, etc. 


For example, a location or tenant receives an isolated infrastructure as a service that is provided by the main administration and can be managed by the respective location or tenant. It can contain the following infrastructure components as a service:


  • routers, 

  • load balancer,

  • firewall,

  • Single sign on,

  • Personal key identification,

  • Zero trust access,

  • VPN, 

  • NFS, iSCSI, S3 storage,

  • Server,

  • Virtual client PC,

  • Backup (multi-stage with migration, media break and outsourcing) 

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