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sayFUSE High-speed backup and more

The sayFUSE Backup Solution offers unique high-speed backup with up to 12TB/hour for Live backup and up to

18 TB/hour for migration backup. The technology eliminates all typical backup vulnerabilities of tape and storage based technologies. It also bundles all six essential backup components together. Backup server, backup storage, backup library, backup drives, media break and swapping in one hardware.


The result is high backup quality and high recoverability of data and systems. Within the backup appliance, the data is migrated from the backup storage to the integrated backup library system and swapped out without using network resources.


sayFUSE stands for Almost universal storage engine and is an all in one platform for your IT infrastructure. The platform includes the entire IT architecture for protecting your data and applications. Your IT becomes leaner, more secure, faster and ensures that you remain operational at all times.

A complete data backup, data recovery and data archiving solution integrates the backup hardware, backup server, and backup and media management software into one system. Commercially available hard drives are used as backup media and are initialized internally by sayFUSE. After each backup, the drives turn off automatically.



With sayFUSE you are well prepared both when it comes to data security and when it comes to meeting legal requirements. Our unique and patented security concept has convinced many customers from trade, industry and the public sector.

Cost efficient

sayFUSE replaces almost an entire IT cabinet and only requires a fraction of space and energy. To achieve the same performance, traditional solutions install significantly more devices in the server rack. sayFUSE is also designed in such a way that the fan and power supply can be changed during operation if necessary. This saves downtime and expensive IT services.


The all-in-one concept offers high transfer rates without the speed-limiting components that are usually installed in between. Backups and restores occur quickly in the event of damage, so that your operations can continue very quickly.


With capacity expansion modules, sayFUSE adapts to the growing demand in your company. This ensures investment security and an increase in performance in no time.

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