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Protect what is important to you!
Processes, people, data and your systems before a business interruption

SAYTEC is a solution provider for IT security and IT infrastructure systems made in Germany

There are many providers that offer security solutions, storage, backup or VPN solutions. These are always hardware or software offers but not a holistic 360-degree view of the entire infrastructure. The actual needs and risks of customers often remain untreated.

Why compromise?

Most companies do not have sufficient in-house capacity to determine exactly what they need and where their risks lie. In addition, there is often an existing IT infrastructure that has been created little by little over the years that cannot simply be thrown out. Customers are also dependent on certain software systems.

So a security concept must first be developed that is independent of software and hardware, but can be integrated and does not change the work processes in a company, but rather simplifies and secures them. In addition, the customer needs investment security, as needs vary
of the year changed. This means that the infrastructure must be flexible and scalable without requiring large investments every year.

Avoid man-made risks

Did you know that 70% of all major security incidents are caused by employees? Employees make mistakes - but only as big as your IT allows. We can help you and your employees better understand the importance of their role in IT security; and change your IT infrastructure so that even employee errors do not lead to major breakdowns or security incidents.


Are your hardware and software secured?

The use of the latest hardware and software increases reliability. But older devices and systems can also be secured if they are installed, configured and monitored accordingly. In existing infrastructures, the goal should be to reduce IT complexity and only use new hardware and software where it is cost-effective. If you choose sayTEC technologies, you can benefit from modern financing models and receive government subsidies of up to 50%.

Your company before operationsprotect against interruptions and failures

A holistic security strategy is essential. This is the only way to identify and close gateways become. The result: working without interruptions to operations and protection against attacks and failures. At the same time, IT complexity and operating costs can be greatly reduced.

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