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Network hub and cable

IT complexity costs resources

IT complexity not only increases costs, it weakens IT's overall security and ability to achieve business goals. The number of software applications is increasing, the number of hardware components is increasing, and the amount of data is doubling almost every year!


How should IT employees ensure operational capability and protect data and thus company value? The effort is immense. Reducing IT complexity is a major challenge.  IT environments have grown evolutionary. They often serve hundreds of different purposescenters and locations. It includes many different applications with different tools, management requirements and often uncontrollable services (including web services and cloud computing).

In many companies, increasing requirements meet weak architecture. You try to achieve clearly defined goals via an inefficient hardware and software architecture. At the current rate of development, IT complexity doubles every two years. Added to this is the communication bandwidth and data storage. The vulnerability of IT systems is increasing exponentially - thanks to IOT and Industry 4.0, it will soon multiply explosively. We have a solution.


Reduce IT costs

The complexity can be significantly reduced with the right approach. The impact on IT costs, resources and performance is massive. By using our technologies, application and infrastructure costs can be reduced by up to 60 percent and overall IT costs by up to 50 percent.

sayTEC offers technologies that centralize and simplify complex IT structures and greatly increase security. The result is a modern, future-proof, lean and robust IT infrastructure.

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