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Smarte IT-Lösungen für smarte Unternehmen

sayTEC AG is your manufacturer for innovative and high-quality IT solutions. Looking into the portfolio of sayTEC AG today, customers will find products with a balanced price/performance ratio for small and medium-sized enterprises.
Weniger Geräte, Weniger Kosten, Weniger CO2, Weniger Energie, Mehr Sicherheit

sayTRUST Access  For simple and secure remote access
  to the network.
sayFuse Backup  The smart, high-performance backup
  solution for SMEs.
sayFuse VM Server  Backup and server in one solution -
  particularly smart for smaller companies.
sayFuse Smart Server  Cost-effective, environmentally friendly
  and space-saving - simply smart!
sayTEC Product Range

In addition to our main products sayFUSE CONCEPT and sayTRUST Acces we also manufacture Network Attached Storage Solutions, Video Archiving Systems, Servers and Workstations.  An overview of these products can be found below. For more information about these products please contact our sales department.

sayNAS NSV1 Series – Network Attached Storage Solutions for small to medium-sized enterprise.

Designed for fast growing and dynamic IT-infrastructure. sayNAS systems guarantee the highest reliability through redundant components. All models support a continuous review of the RAID consistency in the background, to ensure data integrity and thus to guarantee a smooth operation. The NAS and iSCSI Software is included and is available as Limited or Enterprise Dition. For more information please refer to the particular datasheets which can be downloaded here.

sayNAS NVR-Solutions – Mass-Storage-Systems with real-time monitoring and recording.

Intelligent All-in-One Network Video Recorders for IP-cameras with up to 144 TByte capacity. Compatible with hundreds of cameras from leading manufacturers. Provides alarm functions for various types of events. Be notified instantly with real-time messaging over connection errors, recording errors and motion detection via email. For more information please refer to the particular datasheets which can be downloaded here.

saySERVER – Professional Server Solutions available in individual configurations.

With a variety of configuration options, our servers offer the highest level of security, reliability and flexibility you need for your business. Architectures based on industry standard solutions for all areas within a company – from the cost-effective workstation up to the high-performance network servers. For more information please contact our sales department.

sayWORK and saySNOW – Better ergonomics in the workplace at reasonable prices.

From Entry-Level to High-End – sayWORK PCs are build to fulfill a maximum of ergonomic criteria. All systems can be configured individually. saySNOW presents a noiseless operating and very space-saving solution. For more information please refer to the particular datasheets which can be downloaded here.